Collect and Organize your information with Foleo

Foleo helps you to capture and organize information from web, write your thoughts, PDF, images and email in one central place and access anywhere


Collect Information

Capture any information from web pages, native applications or scribble a quick thought as notes or simply bookmark your favorite sites to access from other devices and places.

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Organize your way

The more information and articles you collect, the more essential it is to organize them and find them quickly at any time. Foleo provides tags, favorite articles, group by category and list them in a group for each day.

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Share Effortlessly

Share your notes, articles and bookmarks with your friends, colleagues or a team using email and in social media.


Send an email invite to read your notes and article and only they can access the information in a secure protected way.

Social Media

Share your articles and notes on social media in a group setting or via direct message.

Access Anywhere

Access your information from anywhere on mobile, web and desktop using native apps in online and offline.


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