Capture Information In Multiple Ways

Foleo helps you to collect information from multiple places in multiple formats such as web pages, PDF files, images or just bookmark a web page for later access.

Capture within Web Browser

Capture any online resources without leaving the web browser while searching for information. Foleo browser extension captures and stores in Foleo with a few clicks.

Page Archive

Capture the complete web page in its original for form for future reference

Read Later

Capture a simplified version of the web page for distraction free reading


Bookmark your frequently used websites in one place and access it from any device


Take a screenshot of the web page in many forms.

Write your Thoughts

Create a simple note or a rich formatted note with a WYSIWIG editor with support for fonts, colors, table, images and many more formatting options.


Notes Features


Foleo notes editor provides full range of text formatting and alignment options to make the text standout


Our powerful editor provides full support for table, row, column and cell level formatting to create a great looking tabular data


Numbered and bulleted lists provide an easy way to create lists


Copy and Paste images from web browser or native apps and easily edit them using the built-in image editor


Capture from Mobile Apps

Save any content from popular mobile apps using share extension

Capture your Emails

Save any email by sending the email to Foleo


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