Organize your way

The more information and articles you have, it is very essential to organize and find them quickly at any time. Foleo helps you organize them using tags, favorites and group them by timeline.

Powerful Capabilities

Capture any online resources without leaving the web browser while searching for information. Foleo browser extension captures and stores in Foleo with a few clicks.


Add a simple descriptive label and customize the text and background color to separate them visually.


Mark any article and notes as favorite and they will be listed separately for quick access

Read Mark

Mark the articles read or unread for acting on it at a later time

Pinned Articles

Pin your most used articles and tags to the top of the list so you can easily access them

Content Curation

Annotate captured web page contents using highlighter and under liner as you read the article for later references. And the magic eraser can be used to remove any content that is not required.


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